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Marni Milan Fashion Week

Flowers spilling out of patterned bags, pots of herbs in profusion, bowls filled with grapes, layers of heather – and all this under the arches or piled behind the pillars of Milan’s Rotonda della Besana. “This is our voice, we wanted our anniversary to be something that is MARNI,” said designer Consuelo Castiglioni, referring to this beautiful, botanical and utterly original way of celebrating a brand.

The show, held before the MARNI flower market and its lush celebration of nature opened, was cheered, and not just because it was the label’s 20-year anniversary. It was a fine show where the colours alone, changing from dry earth to vivid florals, were artistic. MARNI started life as a fur house, then developed a sweet bird-song of a voice amid the loud shout of Milanese designers. By a miracle – and thanks to Consuelo’s free spirit – Marni has retained its whimsical artiness, always with a respectful attitude to women and their bodies. Although now part of Renzo Rosso’s ‘Only the Brave ‘ empire, the brand retains a quirky independence.

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